Telephone & Utilities


  • The area code for the Wichita metro area is 316
  • Wichita has 18 local carriers and more than 50 long distance carriers
  • Copies of Wichita telephone books may be obtained at the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce or by calling 1-800-SWB-BOOK

Residential Natural Gas

There are two natural gas providers in the Wichita metro area:


Electricity, Water & Sewer and Garbage collection

  • For information concerning electric services and rates contact Westar Energy
  • For information on water and sewer service contact Wichita Water & Sewer
  • There are numerous options for garbage collection in Wichita - information may be obtained from individual companies.

Cable television and satellite

What would a relocation be without having to relearn the channel numbers of your favorite television stations? To help you come to grips with the burgeoning cable and satellite services that may come streaming into your tube, here is a list of service providers.

Cox Communications x   1-800-818-0679
Dish Network   x 1-866-629-1255
United Cable Direct  x   1.888.325.5401

Internet service providers

Yahoo Internet Life magazine recently ranked Wichita 40 th among U.S. cities in web usage, and the city is Intel's 44 th most unwired city in the nation. This puts Wichita in the top 15 percent of all metro areas surveyed.

There is a plethora of internet access services available to the Wichita metro area. Choices range from dial-up to high-speed cable, DSL, ISDN, VPN, T1, wireless broadband and satellite. Click here to see the listing of Chamber member Internet service providers.